Born 1935 in Norrköping, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ulrik Samuelson is a painter, cartoonist and sculptor. He studied at Konstfack and the Royal Institute of Art 1957-1962 and was ultimately a Professor there 1970-1978. Samuelson is an attentive representative of the 60's radical artist generation. New-dada, pop, conceptually oriented art and minimalism paved new ways for the will to circumvent traditional conventions and expressions. Artistically, Ulrik Samuelsons characteristics are refined surfaces, silk, mahogny, shiny black plastic, gold, marble all in exquisite material treatment. Many of his works are symbolically charged, and the images and installations revolve around the opposite of death and sexuality, lust and corruption. His greatest work is the ornate of Kungsträdgården Metro Station, Stockholm, where he reflects on history, contemporary and archaeological in a mountain room, which would be the most processed of all artistic features in the subway. In 1991, he received the Prince Eugen Medal and 1998 Prize in the Carnegie Art Award.