Born 1951 in Cruz Alta, Brazil. Lives and works in New York and Beijing, China. 

Brazilian artist Saint Clair Cemin uses traditional materials such as stone, iron, wood, bronze, marble and terracotta. He investigates the relationships, differences and changes between images not just in art, but in our entire consumer culture. He seeks equality in the appreciation and judgement of all things: art, artifacts and thoughts. As Cemin remarked in his typically aphoristic fashion: "The world of art-objects, and that of common objects, form a continuous field. The value system used to produce and evaluate art-objects, even the most rarefied conceptual work, shares a common ground with the apparatus used to evaluate anything else in the world, such as people, social situations, or the weather." Inspired by the heterogeneity of this object-world, Cemin’s sculptures are eclectic, fragments of thought which hint of a totality, that has been deliberately left undisclosed.