Born 1968 in Gothenburg. Lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden

Somewhere in between Renaissance painting and nineteen-sixties American underground comics, Patrik Andiné conjure up his imagery. The softness of the motifs, obtained by the extraordinary craftsmanship, contrasts with the clandestine and sometimes threatening contents of the works. With an almost tangible cinematic touch, marvelous sceneries, suggestive of the impression that something pivotal has taken place or is happening outside the pictorial space. There are subjects turned away from the viewer, hidden light sources that penetrate heavy drapes or under closed doors. The equivocal and the ambivalent are suggested in landscapes and interiors evoked by the deep hues and ravishing light effects.

Patrik Andiné is educated at the Hovedskous målarskola (1988-1990) and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (1990-1995). Andiné has been shown in a number of solo exhibitions, including Alingsås konsthall (2009) and Kabusa konsthall (2003). His work is represented in several collections, among them, at Göteborgs konstmuseum and at Malmö Konstmuseum.