Born 1948 in Jersey City, USA. Lives and works in New York.

Jonathan Lasker is widely regarded as one of the most influential abstract painters in the United States. In his works Lasker explores painting in terms of its most basic elements: colour, line, texture and form, and deals with the complexity and the complementarity of the figure and ground relationship. The exuberance and playfulness of his paintings belie their origin and play with the viewer’s expectations and preconceptions. Seemingly spontaneous and impulsive, they are, in fact, the result of an exacting method of preparatory stages; the compositions are meticulously worked out in advance in small-scale detailed sketches and studies, before being transposed on to often large-scale canvases. Dr. David Moos, curator of “Jonathan Lasker: Selective Identity Paintings from the 1990s” describes Lasker’s work as “a staged drama that rigorously analyzes the terms of artistic invention. His dialectic approach - spanning the gulf that separates Abstract Expressionism from minimalism - is accurately reflected in Lasker’s unique working method.