Born 1906 in Stockholm, Sweden. Lived and worked in Stockholm.

Since the 1960s, words, letters and texts have all been central elements in Elis Eriksson’s art. As early as the end of 1950 he abandoned a number of realistic and post-cubic styles, adopting instead a freer experimentation with objects between image and text, and developed a special collage technique in which the text was central and the image complementary. In this powerful form of typography, images and figures are replaced by signs and then augmented with texts both political and poetic. Eriksson has attempted and on the whole succeeded in liberating himself from artistic, classic traditions and conventions. Concepts such as “art”, “creating”, “inspiration” and “imagination” are prohibited in Eriksson’s singular language. The estate of Elis Eriksson include works from 1950 until his very last exhibition at Lars Bohman Gallery just before he sadly passed away in 2006.