Born 1955 in Stockholm, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm.

Dan Wolgers is one of the most distinguished and renowned Swedish artists of his generation. Poetry and mathematics merge in his work where literal factuality suggested in the titles is overthrown by a delicate absurdism. Similar to a mystifier of perception, Wolgers confront the viewer with intriguing acts of illusion. In his artistry he has, with an almost incomparable consistency, created works where Samuel Beckett and Buster Keaton join hands. Would it be correct to label Wolgers as a protagonist of post modernism? Or is he, on the contrary, a critic de-constructing the postmodern notion of the dissolved subject and its displacementof an external, objective reality? With great ease, making use of broken toys and modified, malfunctioning everyday objects, Wolgers moves from impromptu spontaneity to a cool, cerebral detachment. In the intersection between intuition and calculation, where arts and crafts collide, the illuminating paradoxes significant of Wolgers' work arise.

Dan Wolgers studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm (1980-1985) where he held a professorship between 1995-1998. Since the early eighties he has exhibited at numerous galleries and institutions, such as Galerie Aronowitsch, Stockholm (1984); Anders Tornberg Gallery, Lund (1985); Galleri Lars Bohman, Stockholm (1993); Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm (2001); Galleri Riis, Oslo (2008) and Spritmuseum, Stockholm (2016), in collaboration with Swedish author and journalist Lena Andersson. In 1990 Dan Wolgers participated in 'Aperto' at the Venice Biennale. His work is represented in several collections, among them are the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Kiasma, Helsinki; Moderna Museet, Stockholm and Malmö Museum, Sweden, as well as in numerous private collections.