Bjarne Melgaard

Born 1967 in Sydney, Australia. Lives and works in New York and Oslo.

Bjarne Melgaard started out in the mid 1990’s with a neo expressionistic, frantic style of painting, sculpture and installation. His intense way of almost attacking the canvas with paint paired with a total control of the line where the brush strokes and splashes of paint forms a base for an explicit and sometimes offensive narrative. Organized chaos is one of the main principles both regarding composition and content. Melgaard 's way of focusing on capturing the tension of the creative moment makes his stylistic role models, like Edward Munch and Emil Nolde's ever present. The variety of dazzling layers in different techniques gives the works a painterly quality that literally sweep the viewer into a myriad of color form and expression.

Bjarne Melgaard’s art deals with the dark side of humanity, such as suicide, self-destruction, deviant sexuality and odd religious beliefs. It provides an insight into subcultures and parallel worlds that exists alongside the world of normality. It often discusses, investigates and pushes the boundaries of societal acceptance. The work tells the story of exclusion and fear and it raises questions about instinct and passion, morality and normality. A male subject that can be seen as one of the artist’s many alter egos often populates the complex and chaotic imagery. As a viewer you sometimes feel like a voyeur with total access to a strangers most intimate sphere. The same motifs and references appear over and over in Melgaards imagery almost as an obsession; the ape, the dog, black holes and male genitals. It’s almost as if the artist is trying to convince his audience by pounding his vision into their minds and it is not entirely without success - Bjarne Melgaard's art leaves few unmoved.